How to Travel Full-Time

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How to Travel Full-Time is a collection of practical tips and stories by full-time traveler and author, Colin Wright.

Rewritten from the ground up, the second edition of How to Travel Full-Time simplifies some topics while expanding on others, taking into account the feedback received and lessons learned from selling over 100,000 copies of the first edition.

Topics covered in this book:

The idea of travel, compared to the reality.

Types of travel you might consider.

The impact of long-term or full-time travel on your life.

Travel as a project.

Cultural relativism (a very important concept).

The ethics of traveling.

Punches, and rolling with them (vital for someone who makes travel a part of their life).

Money, and how it plays into this kind of lifestyle.

The platforms you can build to help you travel better, and sustain your lifestyle.

How to approach possessions as a traveler.

A core packing list to start with and build upon.

Buying tickets and how to do it better.

Legalities, debt, and other considerations (especially those involving paperwork).

The process of moving regularly.

Different methods of packing (and the pros and cons involved).

What to do when you first arrive in a new city.

How to explore most efficiently and effectively.

How to network in a new city where you don't know anyone.

How to document your travels, for your own use, and so that others might follow along with you.

Staying safe on the road.

And a bit about Colin's story, and how he built his travel-focused lifestyle.

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How to Travel Full-Time

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